Google and Yahoo updates

Google and Yahoo recent updates

The most prominent recent updates from Google and Yahoo both center around email security and user protection, implemented starting February 2024:

New Email Authentication Requirements:

  • Google and Yahoo are enforcing stricter email authentication standards for all email senders. This means emails from unauthenticated addresses will be more likely to land in spam folders or be blocked entirely.
  • The changes focus on verifying sender identity through protocols like SPF, DKIM, and BIMI.
  • This aims to combat spam, phishing, and malware by making it harder for malicious actors to spoof email addresses.

Timeline and Impact:

  • The rollout began in February 2024 and will gradually increase in strictness over the following months.
  • April 2024 will see partial blocks for non-compliant senders (except for “List-Unsubscribe 1-Click”).
  • Full blocking for all non-compliant senders, including “List-Unsubscribe 1-Click”, is expected by June 1st, 2024.

Other Recent Updates:

  • Google News app update: In January 2024, the app introduced the ability to customize news feeds with preferred topics and publishers, along with curated top stories from trusted sources.
  • Yahoo Finance revamp: In November 2023, Yahoo Finance unveiled a major redesign with a cleaner interface, personalized watchlists, and enhanced news integration.